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California Parent Locator Service (CPLS)

The California Parent Locator Service is a fully automated system available for use by authorized agencies to quickly locate noncustodial parents and their assets for the purpose of establishing or enforcing child support obligations.

Using information from the California Parent Locator Service, local child support agencies in California and throughout the country are able to defray the cost of public assistance or provide child support payments directly to the custodial parents.

A list of local child support agencies is available by viewing the Local Child Support Agency contact directory.

The California Parent Locator Service participates in the Internal Revenue Service Full Collection Program. Cases submitted to this program are usually those that have substantial arrearage in unpaid child support payments. The IRS enforces these cases as they would if the debt were unpaid taxes. Enforcement options include the seizure and sale of real property, boats, airplanes, cars, and bank accounts.